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What writers are saying about The 1stBooks Library:

    "The National Writers' Association is pleased to recommend 1stBooks! The 1stBooks program is truly slanted in favor of the author and will be of great assistance in offering more authors' works to the public."

    --Sandy Whelchel, Executive Director

    "Olsen paid 1stBooks [to distribute his book.] In no time, Olsen's local Barnes & Noble called him in to do a book signing. 'Other than my children being born, Olsen says, it was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me.'"

    --Howard Olsen, author of Diplomatic Immunity, quoted by Walter Kirn in TIME Magazine, 8/2/99.

    "THE INTERNET IS certain to change the world in very significant ways. Exactly how it will happen, no one knows. But we can get an occasional glimpse here and there, and try to paste them together into a coherent whole.

    "Here is one such glimpse, the story of a new book just appearing on the events of Tiananmen Square. Its author, Philip Cunningham, turned down a contract with an American publisher and instead decided to sell his book over the Internet, through a new breed of publishing company.

    "When I first gave it to the Internet publisher, Mr. Cunningham says, I thought to myself that it's like throwing pages into the wind. It was just a gamble. But now he admits to a different sort of feeling. I'm excited about the fact that I can participate in a real information revolution."

    -- Philip J. Cunningham, author of Reaching for the Sky, quoted by Stan Sesser in the Asian edition of The Wall Street Journal, 6/1/99.

    "Book publishing is changing and 1stBooks is on the leading edge."

    -- Dan Poynter, nationally recognized authority on self-publishing; author of The Self-Publishing Manual and

    "E-books, virtual books, or whatever the industry may call them, are the wave of the future. Distributing online represents the most technically advanced way for a writer to promote his work. The 1stBooks Library is the best distributor for any writer, hands down."

    --Sue Lackey, The Literary Journal, 2/99

    "Internet publishing is undoubtedly the wave of the future, says Higham. Its potential is unlimited. His choice of 1stBooks over traditional publishing houses was made without hesitation.

    "He is not alone. With an estimated 50 to 70 million Internet users now online, and numbers growing rapidly, more and more writers are jumping ship from traditional imprints to online publishing every day."

    -- Charles Higham, author of eight best sellers, including Errol Flynn: the Untold Story and The Trespasser, quoted in Bookflash, 11/98.

    "1stBooks has the wherewithal to promote a book -- especially utilizing the Internet. It gives writers maximum exposure."

    -- Arthur Lee Conway, author of The Poetic Vibrations of a Matured Butterfly, quoted in the Washington Times, 2/18/99.

    "[Howard] Foster chose Internet distributor 1stBooks over conventional publishing because of the cost and number of readers he is able to reach, he said. "I thought it was a great idea because millions of people on the Internet have access," Foster said.

    "To reach these readers, Foster paid less than $700 to publish his book on the Internet. In comparison, he spent $1,000 to print 50 [conventional] books for distribution. "The beauty of it is that I don't have to print a lot of books and try to sell them," he said.

    "The cost to readers is less, too, he said. Virtual books can be downloaded in a matter of minutes at prices below those of softcover books. Foster's printed book price is $19.95 compared with $6.95 through 1stBooks."

    -- Howard Foster, author of GI Journey: A Memoir of World War II, quoted by Susan Larson-Waugh in the Sun Newspapers, 1/26/99.

    "After thirty years in publishing ... I decided to self-publish, but not with one of those commercial publishers that charge about $5,000. I decided to opt for new technology, the Internet, and I found it quicker, much less expensive, and a fascinating experience."

    -- Dorothy Jane Mills, author of The Sceptre.

    "No bull: I really did spend well over $1,000 on more than a few schlock agents who charge 'reading fees.' I think you guys will be putting these scam artists out of business before long.

    "Getting a book into distribution in less than two months from the time it is completed may sound astonishing -- but with 1stBooks, that is standard operating procedure. Not least of all, we writers retain all rights. Also control the editing.

    "Recouping my investment so early was great, but more importantly, book review editors are now taking a serious look at my work. I am convinced that 1stBooks is going to change the publishing industry."

    -- Robert Grenier, PhD., author of High Treason.

    "There are countless publishers that charge an unknown writer thousands of dollars to publish their works.

    "Dorrance Press wants $11,900.00 to publish your book. Vantage only wants around $8,000.00 to publish your book.

    "Then there is Aardvark Literary Agents, and you know all three, Aardvark, Dorrance and Vantage would like the writer to use Edit Ink as your editor. They all state that they get a finder's fee for sending unknown writers to Edit Ink.

    "The then publishers will tell you that even if you use their recommended editors, they may not publish your book."

    -- Dave Haven and Christine J. Haven, authors of Together Forever Before the Light.

    "As a first time author, I was confused as to how to get my book into the hands of my target audience. 1stBooks offered me an inexpensive alternative ... and I found that my original investment was returned in a very short time."

    -- Michael Mascis, author of Cue Stick Power.

    "[Doris] Hall published a 100-page book of poems about six weeks ago. She has already made back the $300 she paid 1stBooks ... Hall, a 53-year-old housewife who doesn't even own a computer, saw an ad for 1stBooks in a writer's magazine and decided to give it a try. 'It's something new. I do think it's going to catch on,' she said."

    -- Doris Hall, author of Through Teardrops & Laughter, as quoted by Soyia Ellison in the Winston-Salem Journal, 9/9/98.

    "Just a line to thank you. Last month I submitted my book to 1stBooks and I could not have believed what would happen. I received phone calls from people I haven’t seen in years! The television station sent a reporter to my home and broadcast the interview!"

    -- Dorothy Casey, author of Sex Goddess at 70 Plus.

    "The process is easy, Fisher said. The author signs a contract, pays a fee and sends a disk of the manuscript. Within two months, the selection is catagorized and appears as a selection on the website."

    -- Ross Fisher, author of Just Lucky Enough as quoted in the Beacon News of Aurora, Illinois, 9/98.

    "I would like to thank you for helping me achieve my lifetime goal of being able to say, ‘I have written a book that is in the marketplace and people have begun to purchase it.' "

    -- Alfred Sonny Piccoli, author of Phenomenal Lives.

    "By keeping writers happy, virtual bookstores like 1stBooks are looking to continue to expand their libraries. And by keeping readers happy, the company could establish a whole new trend in book-buying.

    "This is a good way to get readers and build an audience. I would definitely do it again."

    -- Jim Polivka, author of Almost Heaven, quoted in The Penn State Collegian, 11/5/98.

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