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Dear 1st Books Library,

Let me introduce myself, I am 10 yrs, I'm a female, and I am in grade 5. I have a good idea for you. I thought that instead of every one running around to rent a library book that they could rent them on your internet Service. And people could read them on the computer, they could push the keys that have the up down left right you would have to press the left button to go back to a page and turn right to flip the page. I realy hope you agree with me because I did the same thing with the city. I live in Medicine Hat. Oh I realy like your web site, but I would realy like it if you used my idea becaus myself and others I bet whoever comes here likes to read especialy kids like me who are so interested in books they can't put them down for a second. And the reason I am saying this is because most of the time my parents are to buisy to take me down to the library for a book ...

-- Lorie R.

"I enjoy reading on my computer better than a traditional book. Especially since my computer is a notebook and it travels everywhere ... Keep up the good work."
--Dale B.

"A friend told me about 1stBooks. It took about 20 minutes to [select and] download a book. I enjoyed the book very much. I think you have a great service ..."
--Ron H.

"I received a copy of the book as an attachment to an e-mail. It only took seconds for me to launch the attachment and print our the book ... I used Adobe Acrobat and had no difficulty at all."
--Daniela L.

Did you enjoy reading the book? "Yes, very much! Please say a special Thank You to the author."

"[The book] was fine. Even the print size was good."

"You are doing a great job and it is fun ..."

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