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eBooks and POD books
are the future of publishing.
The 1stBooks Library is here today.

A special announcement
for established authors
who hold electronic rights to books published previously
by major publishing houses,
and established writers
with new works not yet published elsewhere:

  • For established authors, there are no startup fees of any kind;
  • Publishing with 1stBooks generates income from works that are not producing royalties elsewhere;
  • Writers retain all rights, and are free to publish elsewhere at any time;
  • Authors retain control of content;
  • Royalties up to 40% -- far above industry norms;
  • Worldwide distribution and promotion;
  • Endorsed by the National Writers' Association and other writers groups; and
  • Widespread media coverage, growing steadily.

Electronic books and Print-on-Demand books are the future of publishing -- yet they are here today.

Electronic books are sometimes called virtual books, digital books, or online books. eBbooks are not physical objects made of paper and ink. Instead, they are full-length books which are downloaded as data files from the World Wide Web, directly to the computers of readers around the world.

Print on demand books share many of the advantages of eBooks, and make paperback editions of selected titles from 1stBooks available from more than 25,000 bookstores in the U.S. and abroad.

The 1stBooks Library is the world's leading international distributor of electronic books, with up to 300,000 or more webpages viewed at our site each month by readers from more than 91 countries.

Our online library contains hundreds of books in all genres, including many exclusive titles not available elsewhere. Fiction, non-fiction, humor, instructional books, inspirational books, poetry and books for children are just a few of the topics available.

Authors who publish eBooks retain all rights and control of content, remaining free to publish elsewhere at any time. 1stBooks does not edit the writer's work; the author decides what the public reads.

The number of 1stBooks titles available to the public is unlimited, and all eBook titles are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to anyone in the world with a connection to the Internet -- estimated at 50 to 70 million users, and growing rapidly. Many readers report that they can conveniently download an assortment of eBooks in less time than it takes to visit a single bookstore, from the comfort of their own homes.

The 1stBooks Library is aggressively promoted worldwide. The website is registered with more than 900 search engines, posted to hundreds of literature-related newsgroups and 'Top 100' sites, and advertised in a variety of media on a regular basis. Newspaper and magazine articles about 1stBooks and our authors are appearing in more and more publications every month, as eBooks and POD books revolutionize the publishing industry.

Royalties are up to 40%, far above industry norms. Because there are no costs for paper and ink, binding, shipping, un-sold copies returned by bookstores, or other fees charged by middlemen, eBooks are typically sold at 25% to 50% below softcover prices. Yet because the royalty is so large, most authors receive more income from the sale of an eBook than its hard-copy counterpart.

For skeptics who claim that self-publishing is not a viable option for professional writers, click HERE for a list of major best sellers that were originally published by their authors. The success of these books is indisputable proof that self-published books can achieve widespread popularity. Using the latest technologies from 1stBooks, the potential is now greater than at any time in history.

For established authors, there are no startup costs of any kind. Nominal pre-press costs can be deferred entirely against sales. In cases of books with especially good commercial potential, 1stBooks may, at our option, assume these costs in their entirety.

1stBooks handles all the technical details, allowing writers to spend their time doing what they do best: writing. No computer expertise is required. While many authors prefer to submit their manuscripts in standard word processing formats, regular typed manuscripts can also be scanned and converted to digital format.

1stBooks will also create a professionally-designed digital book cover. Or authors may provide their own choice of artwork in standard computer formats.

New electronic titles can usually be ready for worldwide distribution within 60-90 days of the date when the manuscript is submitted. POD books are usually available 45-60 days thereafter.

1stBooks is actively seeking new titles in all genres for distribution through the 1stBooks Library. Established authors who hold electronic rights to books published previously by major publishing houses, or interested in bringing new works to a vast worldwide audience, are urged to join the revolution of the publishing industry, which is already underway. Contact 1stBooks today at:

1stBooks: the International Online Library
Advanced Marketing Technologies
2511 West Third St., Suite 1
Bloomington, IN 47404 USA
812-339-6000 (phone)
812-339-6554 (fax)
800-839-8640 (toll-free)

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What the National Writers' Association is saying about The 1stBooks Library:

"The National Writers' Association is pleased to recommend 1stBooks! The 1stBooks program is truly slanted in favor of the author and will be of great assistance in offering more authors' works to the public."

-- Sandy Whelchel
Executive Director

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Publish your book on the Web for worldwide exposure, recognition and income! Writers retain all rights. Royalties are 30% or more. Worldwide distribution and promotion at a small fraction of the cost of conventional self-publishing or so-called subsidy or vanity presses.

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