1stBooks(tm) Understands that Publishing is an
Extremely Competitive Business

  • You desire to produce and distribute quality products which your consumers want... Like other businesses, you must balance prior commitments and potential opportunities with limited resources.

  • Publishing a book represents a significant financial commitment... This means it is often financially impossible for you to take a chance on a new author, even though you "know in your heart" that he or she has potential.

  • Until now it has simply not been financially possible for you to test market large numbers of new manuscripts... The risk, of course, has been that you could lose a potential "superstar" to another publisher.

1stBooks(tm) Makes it Easy and Inexpensive to
Test Market a New Book!

  • Through the 1stBooks Library you can internationally "test market" a new book for as long as you want

  • You will have no production or distribution costs

  • Our customer tracking system will tell you what kind of readers are buying the book and where they are from

By Placing a Book in the 1stBooks Library
You can Test Market it
for as Long as You Want
While Maintaining a Relationship With the Author

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