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What the media are saying about eBooks & 1stBooks:

The 1stBooks Library and its contributing authors have appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines worldwide, ranging from the front page of "The New York Times" to the smallest local weeklies. Copied below are just a few excerpts from major media, with more appearing almost daily.

"In the past few months, hundreds of unknown authors ... have gone to fledgling Publishing on Demand publishers such as ..., handed them several hundred dollars, and created "books." Unlike the so-called vanity presses of old, the new publishers offer unknown authors something never before available: a spot on the virtual shelves of Internet bookstores."

-- Raphael Lewis in The Chicago Tribune, April 3, 2000

"So last month the British author of "2001 -- A Space Odyssey" plunged into the infant market for electronic books ... a new electronic book market that has spawned other players like 1stBooks ... Early on, the notion of virtual titles by virtually anybody captured the imagination of venture capitalists even though some top publishers scoffed that this highly democratic system would evolve into a vanity press profoundly flawed by the absence of professional vetting and high quality writing ... But lately there are signs emerging that the traditional literary community is warming to a new alien form ..."

-- Doreen Carvajal in The New York Times, 2/7/2000, page 1.

", among others, [has] begun to vastly broaden the concept of on-demand book publishing."

Click HERE for the complete article by Charles Piller in The Los Angeles Times, 2/16/2000.

"Cap't Vercessi, the author of several novels and short stories, developed and co-produced 'The Silver Strand,' an MGM film aired on Showtime. 'We the People' is available through, or can be ordered in bookstores via Ingram Book Company.."

-- John McCaslin, quoted in The Washington Times, 2/10/2000

"A flood of new technologies and business alliances is breaking down barriers to digital books, just as the audio file format called MP3 popularized online is shaking up the music world. The breakthroughs are leading authors to bypass publishers, retailers to become publishers and publishers to become bookstores ...

"... 1stBooks, a unit of Advanced Marketing Technologies LLC in Bloomington, Ind., says consumers have downloaded more than 250,000 copies of books ..."

-- Don Clark in the Wall Street Journal, 8/31/99.

"Thanks to online publishers, every writer's dream of getting that Great American Novel published may be easier now than ever."

Click HERE for the complete article by Paul Tolme of the Associated Press, 8/8/99.

"The 60-Second Book ... some industry experts predict that someday all books will be published this way ..."

Click HERE for the complete article by Walter Kirn in TIME Magazine, 8/2/99.

"THE INTERNET IS certain to change the world in very significant ways. Exactly how it will happen, no one knows. But we can get an occasional glimpse here and there, and try to paste them together into a coherent whole.

"Here is one such glimpse, the story of a new book just appearing on the events of Tiananmen Square. Its author, Philip Cunningham, turned down a contract with an American publisher and instead decided to sell his book over the Internet, through a new breed of publishing company."

-- Stan Sesser in the Asian edition of the Wall Street Journal, 6/1/99.

"Digital books make sense: By eliminating paper and ink, over-the-road shipping, unsold copies and middlemen, Web books sidestep the considerable environmental and economic costs of conventional publishing. Those savings are passed on. Authors typically receive royalty payments of 30 to 50 percent, compared to a conventional industry standard of 5 to 15 percent. Readers come out ahead, too, paying 25 to 50 percent less than softcover prices for most digital books." Click HERE for the complete article by Cate Terwilliger in the Denver Post, 2/8/99.

"TRIPLE THREAT? Publishing, distributing and selling digital texts ... [1stBooks] is beginning to attract [major] publishers (Regnery's The Millennium Bug is a featured title), including those of reference works, which can be easily updated online. Prices are 25%-50% below softcover ... " -- Calvin Reid in Publishers Weekly, 2/22/99.

"Regnery may be the first large publisher to use 1stBooks to publish online, but certainly not the last one." Click HERE for the complete article by Tatyana Sinioukov in BookTech Magazine, 5/99.

"For the world at large, virtual books require that no tree be cut down, no ink be spilled and no gasoline be used trucking books from publisher to bookseller.

"For the reader, virtual books are cheaper. Virtual books also offer the convenience of a website that never closes. And virtual books can be downloaded in the time it takes a reader on her way to Barnes & Noble to back out of the driveway.

"For the author, virtual books offer an end-run around agents and publishers. Now books go straight to the public. It's an egalitarian and market-driven system that eliminates layers and layers of middlemen." Click HERE for the complete article by Sean Callahan in the Chicago Daily Southtown, 10/13/98.

"Digital books are growing in respectability and sales ... 1stBooks is now the largest online publisher with 1,300 books -- ranging from science fiction to cookbooks. By early 1999, it should top 2,000 titles, making it the most prolific publisher in the country." Click HERE for the complete article by Jon Swartz in the San Francisco Chronicle, 11/12/98.

"The book of the future is not made of paper and ink but of bits and bytes, says 1stBooks. More than 1,200 titles have already made the jump to this site's sector of cyberspace. You'll find previews of books that can be purchased online, along with hundreds of free downloadable classics." Click HERE for a list of "Hot Sites" from USA Today, 9/24/98.

"The largest online publisher, 1stBooks, co-founded by Tim Jacobs in 1997 ... has almost 2,000 titles. They range from cookbooks to sci-fi and include More 'Rough Sketches,' cartoons by Pulitzer Prize contender Joel Pett, and Hearing the Noise: My Life in the NFL by former Dallas Cowboys running back, Preston Pearson." Click HERE for the complete article by Peter Guttridge in BBC Online.

"The National Writers' Association is pleased to recommend 1stBooks! The 1stBooks program is truly slanted in favor of the author and will be of great assistance in offering more authors' works to the public." -- Sandy Whelchel, Executive Director, Nat'l Writers' Ass'n

"Online publishing is becoming an attractive alternative to mainstream book publishing, which is increasingly dominated by large conglomerates and closed to both unknown and so-called mid-list authors. Putting a book on the Web is also becoming an option for writers who are wary of the traditional vanity press, which typically charges authors thousands of dollars for small press runs of several hundred copies." -- Jon Kalish in, 9/9/98.

"... it's not a question of if, it's a question of when. Electronic downloadable books make too much sense for it not to happen." -- Jeff Bezos, CEO of Click HERE for the complete interview in Upside Today, 7/98.

"The 1stBooks Library is the only place on the Web with enough titles to truly be called 'the of downloadable books.' " -- Bob Hastings and Jim Thomson in The Literary Journal, 12/98.

"Internet publishing is undoubtedly the wave of the future, says [best selling author Charles] Higham. Its potential is unlimited. His choice of 1stBooks over traditional publishing houses was made without hesitation.

"He is not alone. With an estimated 50 to 70 million Internet users now online, and numbers growing rapidly, more and more writers are jumping ship from traditional imprints to online publishing every day." Click HERE for the complete article in Bookflash, 11/98.

"1stBooks has the wherewithal to promote a book -- especially utilizing the Internet. It gives writers maximum exposure." -- Arthur Lee Conway, quoted in the Washington Times, 2/18/99.

"But why not just set up your own website and sell your book there? Because, virtual book publishers say, people are a lot more likely to visit a site that has hundreds of books than a site that has only one or two. And because publishers have the resources to promote their site and their books. And because they take care of the hassle. They handle the orders, the credit-card numbers, the downloads. All you have to do is wait for the royalty check." -- Soyia Ellison in the Winston-Salem Journal, 9/9/98.

"By keeping writers happy, virtual bookstores like 1stBooks are looking to continue to expand their libraries. And by keeping readers happy, the company could establish a whole new trend in book-buying." Click HERE for the complete article by Geoff Rushton in The Penn State Collegian, 11/5/98.

"Bilongo, by Brian Brewer, is an internet book, one that is web published, and, therefore, one which I viewed with suspicion when it was passed on to me by a friend who assured me that I'd like it. Well, after some hesitation, I picked it up and found that he was right." -- Tim Evers in the Midwest Book Review, 9/98.

"Do-it-yourself publishing on the Internet makes sense. It does not for paper copy." Click HERE for a complete article on 'The Library of the Future' from the Founder of the MIT Media Lab, Nicholas Negroponte, quoted from Wired Magazine.

"Is it possible that publishing's future may be viewed on your home or office computer, at The 1stbooks Library? At the very least, the entrepreneurs behind 1stBooks and its aptly-named parent, Advanced Marketing Technologies LLC, intend to give authors a new and inexpensive means of publishing and selling their works." Click HERE for the complete article in Techmall Top Tech Stories.

"With 'virtual publication,' The 1stBooks Library neatly bypasses most of the expenses which go into the cost of publishing a book: overhead, printing, distribution, promotion and advertising, as well as returns of unsold copies are all eliminated or drastically reduced." Click HERE for the an article previously appearing in Yahoo Business Wire.

Click HERE for an article from Denmark's Sunsite in Danish. We don't know what it says, but it shows that The 1stBooks Library is truly an international resource. Our website is visited by readers from more than 91 countries around the world.

"Publish your book on the web for worldwide exposure, recognition and income, at a small fraction of the cost of conventional self- publishing, or so-called subsidy or vanity presses. Endorsed by the National Writers' Association." Click HERE for a complete list of online publishers from Bookwire.

Click HERE for additional examples of media coverage!

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