Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you get started? It as easy as 1-2-3
    1. Complete and sign the Maintenance Agreement.
    2. Complete the Submission Form.
    3. Mail the Maintenance Agreement, Submission Form and your manuscript along with your check or credit card information (which may be included in the Submission Form) to:

205 North College Avenue, Suite 312
Bloomington, IN 47404

  • How should you submit your book? You may submit your book in a number of ways. However, your book will be entered into the library much more quickly if you submit it on a diskette. While we can convert a number of different formats, we recommend one of the following.

1. Microsoft Word (virtually any version) Macintosh versions are also acceptable

2. Word Perfect (virtually any version) Macintosh versions are also acceptable

  • Do you have to know a lot about computers? Absolutely not! The technicians at 1stBooks completely maintain the system.
  • What about editing? 1stBooks will not edit your book. You, as the author and publisher need to make sure it is in the form you want customers to see it. You should also make sure the first page of the book is a title page which includes your name and the copyright information.

My Book
John Doe

© Copyright 1997, John Doe
This book may not be reproduced without the express written consent of the author.

  • What if you want to submit a paper manuscript? You may do this. In this case, 1st Books will scan your manuscript and convert it to a computer format so that it may be sold through the library. Here are some important points to remember.
    • A scanning fee must be charged at the present time this is $0.75 per page for a crisp clear original copy. However, if the document is faint or degraded or contains handwritten notes, we must charge $1.00 per page.
    • Even the best document scanning programs will result in some typographical errors.
  • How does 1stBooks establish a price for the book? First of all, even though we have the right to set the price, we work with the author. Remember, the primary objective is to sell your book so that you can gain exposure and recognition. In general, we tend to price books at about 85% of what one would pay for a soft cover book in a good bookstore.
  • What about pictures or graphics? We recommend that you keep the use of pictures and graphics to a minimum. Remember, those who purchase your book through the 1stBooks Library will be downloading it into their computers. This means that the book is electronically transmitted to wherever the purchaser might be. Once the book is in a customer's computer it may be printed out.
    • Pictures take much longer to transmit than text. (A single color picture can often take more time to transmit than a 300 page novel!)
    • Many customers will not have color printers.
    • Some customers may have old printers which cannot print pictures.
  • Does the 1stBooks Library contain books which include pictures or graphics? Absolutely, there will always be a strong market for these.
  • How long does it take to enter your book into the library? This depends upon the format in which it is submitted. If you follow the recommendations outlined above, your book can usually be available for sale within 3 weeks of the date we receive it.
  • Does the 1stBooks Library specialize in a certain type of book? No. This is a library. Remember, there are more than 50 million Internet readers with a variety of interests. This means the library contains all kinds of books.
  • What kind of authors have published their work through 1stBooks? All kinds. Our contributing authors range from those publishing their first book to critically acclaimed authors who have been traditionally published many times over.

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