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"Without Prejudice" UCC 1-207: Sovereign Covenant

William Dixon

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This Book is Available Paperback (8.25x11)9781414017358 $ 20.50  
About the Book

“Without Prejudice” UCC 1-207 means “that which is so clearly stated or distinctly set forth that there is no doubt as to its meaning.” Negotiable Instrument Law UCC 3-104.2 states that a summons, license, or draft ‘must’ be signed “unconditionally.” A reservation of Without Prejudice places a condition on the agreement which means ‘I do not partake’, the unit is now non-assumpsit. These units are “unconscionable” at UCC 2-302.

The Constitution of these united States is alive and firmly within God’s plan. IRS and Patriot Act are of foreign Law to the domicile Citizen of each separate state. Agency is the authorized representative of Congress who requires ‘subjects’ sign negotiable instruments and license. Department of Justice ‘executes’ agency police power per contracted enlistment to Maritime Jurisdiction.

We Thee People are not “subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.” This book will prove “the fact of the matter stated” and share with each Citizen; Truth of ‘entitlement’ to “privileges and immunities” of the Bill of Rights.  

Agency has proliferated by using fraudulent devise and elliptical ‘words of art’ to confuse the People into believing in false teaching for ‘inferior’ benefit. By reserving Rights a Citizen remains In Propria Persona at signature and the unit is void of ‘promise’ at UCC 3-104.3.

About the Author

The author is from a small southern Christian Community where contracts were spoken aloud and hands were shaken in fellowship. Word is bond and few would dare transgress upon an agreement. This love of our Brother has been reduces to ‘summary’ contract.

The author failed the second grade in Louisiana and averaged out in several California High Schools. He did not get interested in any meaningful study until he attended college. He found a Constitutional Law class which taught Lawyers how to make elliptical, everyday words to mean whatever they presumed. He decided there was more to Law than “social engineering” and being a Reserve Deputy Sheriff.

He became an insurance agent in Tennessee and soon learned that he was up to his neck in Lawyers and Bankers. He decided to fall back on his limited resources and fled back to California.  He is a self studied Administrative Law Consultant whom has found that words within the Bill of Rights are of God’s Law.

Free Preview

Propria Persona: Silk Purse v. sow's ear: in personam.

God's Republic plays "Public Law" and is Thee Sovereign Silk Purse. Democratic 'public policy' plays the part of the sow's ear at 'engrafted' contract, with a couple of wiggly tails as 'devise,' no police power pun intended. No actual pig's wiggly or silk purses were at 'action' in this treatise. The old Dragon however, must covet its many lobes or lose her entirety to Truth.

This treatise does not contain fancy words, only the tongue of the "serpent" and to be "as wise" you must Know it, for the words are soothing to the old Dragon's lobes and your Grace is Peace. This information is Scribe of Black's Law 5th Edition and Thee King James Bible.

Personam is your individual God given silk purse, as free as your Creation. You give up your silk purse each time you sign an agency sow's ear contract, because you waive another contract, Thee Bill of Rights and New Covenant. I have all my purses in silk; mine are just dirtier than yours should be. You will be collecting many ears as you stutter through this material, and it is my prayer that all your Covenants are silk purses with pearls.

To become 'subject' and 'made liable' to Article I Legislated and Article II Executor/Admiralty is as easy as signing your children into pre-school. Enrollment office will show our proud flag, Admiralty. The signing of the corporate birth certificate, the Child's assignment of SS#, is where the birthright switch is made from "entitled" Rights to 'subject' civil Liberties. Under the Common Law a parent may contract a Child's name to an instrument, seeking faith and fairness, but agency has not the power. This activity does not take much practice because we sign contracts all the time. The W-4 instrument was by far the best Dragon lobe I ever pinched, because it was the most obvious and worrisome 'devise.'

"Without Prejudice" UCC 1-207 above your signature will reserve your Rights. Police activity cannot dissuade Personam to switch loyalty in the schoolyard to in personam and 'thing in action.'

The sow's ear is obtained by signing negotiable units unconditionally, thereby triggering the police power of agency. The winged Serpent "Penumbra" has 'engrafted' the Separation of Powers at the Voting House of Article I and the War Wagon of Article II, which makes and enforces the sow's ear unit for your "benefit." Article III and Thee Bill of Rights are the only conquest left for the many headed Beast and Penumbra is diverting Lady Justice with "engraft" of law and 'devise.'

Black's Law 5th. Personal jurisdiction. The power of a court over the person of a defendant in contrast to the jurisdiction of a court over a defendant's property or his interest therein; in personam as opposed to in rem jurisdiction.

A state citizen is born with silk purse personam and becomes in personam and actionable to recover money after signing an 'unconditional' agreement with the Article I sow's ear agency.

Rights are inalienable within Thee Bill of Rights and Article III Judiciary, but seldom 'prayed' for lack of knowledge. Natural Law Rights cannot be taken away, but may be waived by contractual 'devise,' because agency does not have police power over the state Citizen without assent and nexus. Without force being applied we give police agency permission to send corporate officers to our homes and schoolyard by contract, which are "unconditional" Maritime requirements at Rule 12. (b).

Jurisdiction over your "personam" requires assent by 'devise' so we do not wiggle. Subsequently agency units, contracts with police power of 14th Amendment 'due process' to 'gang sweep,' 'profile' and declare state Citizens "persons' of interest," and charter agency to take your pet ferret. Statutes charter agency 'makes' police power to issue 'obligation' 'certificates,' which are 'negotiable' in the sow's ear Tribunal. W-4 is such an instrument, as is bank accounts, presentments, selective service, jury duty summons, and drivers' license and school enrollment. These are only a few of the many heads of the statute Beast "Penumbra Doctrine."

Black's Law 5th. Penumbra Doctrine. The implied powers of the federal government predicated on the necessary and Proper Clause of the U.S.Const., Art. I Sec. 8 (18) permits one implied power to be engrafted on another implied power. Kohl v. U.S., 91 U.S. 367, 23 L.Ed. 449.

Article I and Article II Implied power have no foundation without the un-Implied Power of Article III Judiciary and none have the power to 'permit' the Separation of Powers to 'engraft' other implied powers. We Thee People give that power at signature assent and thereby contract our silk purse state Sovereign "personam," to in personam U.S. Citizen at "domestic product" "action."

Congress gave us the choice, as God does, and we contracted our children into 'forum' public schools. Article I Legislative is firmly 'engrafted' to Article II Executive/Admiralty. The 'devise' are 'unconditional' 'negotiable instruments' signed by you and executed by Executive/Maritime Law and sister Heads of Penumbra 'inferior' Tribunals that brings police power to the schoolyard by contract.

We collect the 'engraft' sow's ear by agency fiat of 'unconscionable' contract, license, and enrollments. The signing at UCC 3-104.1, which if "unconditional" at UCC 3-104.2 gives agency police power to access your property by executing negotiable "dishonored" instruments of "promise" per UCC 3-104.3. This power does not extent to the shopping mall, because not all Citizens are contracted in the same permissive manner and street citizens wiggle more than contracted children with parental consent to use "public policy," as protective 'devise.'

No Citizen may sign an 'unconditional promise' without waiving Rights and becoming in personam to actions of non criminal issue. 'Without prejudice' UCC 1-207 turns the sow's ear instrument into a silk purse for the state Citizen, because all Rights are reserved and in personam is restored to personam. A resident alien gets the sow's ear whether he wants it or not. He must assent to his master, as we must Obey God. God's silk purse has the Choice. We must give credit to 'civil' Law of man at Article I and use our 'reserved' rights to God's Judicial law of Article III and Separation of Powers to complete our work via Acts 22:25 and avoid Article II altogether.

A "centurion" agent is on "Notice" that his jurisdiction extends to criminal matters only and teaching Truth is not an "enabling cause" for police power. "Probable cause" must be at action against Paul of Tarsus, who was a "natural born Citizen" Art. 2, Sec 1, Cl. 5, of Rome. Today his Plea of Sovereign Covenant is called Habeas Corpus. We Thee People have this great power to defeat the same inferior and presumptuous adversary. A crime requires the judgment of man based on God's Law.

United States

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