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Jill / Until Proven Innocent

Raquel George

 FormatISBN Price  
This Book is Available Electronic Book1410720683 $4.95  
This Book is Available Paperback (5x8)1410720691 $12.50  

About the Book

Jill/Until Proven Innocent, by Raquel George, is a combination of two teenage girls’ exciting stories. Jill is the tale of an insecure but talented girl who finds new friends, great experiences , and dangerous secrets at the boarding school she is forced to attend. Until Proven Innocent is the riveting sequel to Jill, the story of Jill’s sarcastic friend Amoura, and the problems and mysteries she faces after being wrongly accused of killing her enemy. The unique personalities of Jill and Amoura and their intriguing yet inspiring tales come together in this book filled with suspense, humor, and emotion.

About the Author

Raquel George is thirteen years old and lives in New Jersey. She loves writing and has been writing books and stories since she was five. Her books include Building Bridges, The Genius, Guardian Angel, Jill, and Until Proven Innocent. When she isn’t writing, Raquel enjoys acting, reading, and being with her friends. She likes the fact that all of her books have morals and realistic characters, even if they have far-fetched plots.

Raquel has also written another novel “Seventeen Days”.

Free Preview

The next morning was Saturday, so I slept late. When I got up, I strode to 209. I was going to be civil to Amy. We were both, like human beings, going to go downstairs and ask Miss Quelter for a room change.

As I walked up the stairs, the people in the hallway seemed to stare at me longer than usual. The usual conversation buzz grew quiet when I passed by. The tension was strange-it had a tangible, dangerous feeling to it, like electricity in the wrong form or something.

When I got to 209, I knew something was wrong. There were police lines circling my room. A huge box bearing the word EVIDENCE was outside the half opened door. I noticed my picture of Adam and me in the box and quickly grabbed it and stuffed it in my backpack. Silently, I pushed open the door to my room, stepping over something on the ground.

A knife.

My heart was racing. I just got a glimpse of our open window, with the pink curtains fluttering ominously in the breeze, when a black-gloved hand came down on my shoulder. The policeman took me into a separate room where the flitting whispers of the students wouldn't disturb us.

It was then when he told me that Amy Harrelson was dead.

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