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The Book of the 21st Century:

The supply is unlimited;
yet not a single copy goes to waste.

The book of the future is not made of paper and ink; instead, it's made of bits and bytes, the digital building blocks of computer technology.

The book of tomorrow is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to anyone on the planet with a connection to the Internet, at a fraction of the cost of a conventional book.

There is no paper or ink, binding, wrapping, postage, or costs for transporting truckloads of heavy boxes from place to place. It costs almost nothing to "ship" the book of the 21st century anywhere in the world.

Not a single tree is felled in the manufacturing process. Not one sheet of paper enters the waste stream, clogs a landfill or pollutes the air after burning in a waste incinerator.

The supply is unlimited ... yet there are no unsold copies left over. There are always exactly the right number of copies: one for every reader.

Library patrons never need to wait for someone else to return the book of the future. In fact, two different people -- or 200 people -- can read the same book at the same time, without looking over anyone's shoulder!

The book of tomorrow will never wear out -- but if it somehow becomes lost or damaged, it is easily replaced. The book of the 21st century is never "out of print." A book of 1,000 pages can be stored in less space than a postage stamp.

The book of the future has built-in links to pictures, to sounds, and even links to websites. It is an active book, not a passive one. It can ask the reader questions, and answer the reader's questions in return.

People with vision problems can easily enlarge type.

A student who needs to quote a passage can simply highlight the desired text, copy it, then paste it to a book report.

The book of the 21st century does not need a Table of Contents, Glossary, or even page numbers -- because readers can easily locate references to any word or phrase using the built-in search functions of their computers.

The book of the future is lighter, faster, smarter and cheaper than the book of the present. It makes the world a better place for all of us.

Why the book of the future benefits everyone:

  • Because the book is made of bits and bytes instead of paper and ink, it costs much less to make a new title available to a vast worldwide audience. Publishers can take a chance on more new books, without losing a fortune if some of them are unpopular.

  • Because publishers can give more new writers a chance, writers can write what they believe -- instead of writing what they think a publisher can sell.

  • Because writers can write what they believe, there's a greater variety of new books available.

  • Because there are more new books available, readers have a wider selection, with something for everyone. And the books they select cost less than ever before possible.

  • Because books cost much less, readers can buy far more of them; so authors can earn just as much --if not more-- than they did in the past.

  • Readers and writers both win, with more books by more writers, lower prices than ever before possible, and more copies sold.

Ready for a surprise? The future is now. The book of the 21st century is here today, as an electronic book in The 1stBooks Library:

Electronic books are the future of publishing.
The 1stBooks Library is here today.

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