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Editor's Message

Both the marketing article and the writing craft article this issue are designed to inspire you to move—up off the couch, over to the computer, and into writing mode. The message of both: If you want things to happen with your writing career, then you'd better get some writing done. 4-time 1stBooks novelist David Kilpatrick focused on getting the writing done—and his book may become a movie! Life coach Harvey Lee Rosenberg describes how hard it is to write sometimes—and how he does it anyway. Let them inspire you to get your own next writing project done. And, be sure to check out the News From 1stBooks section—Joe Vitale made history again!

This Begets That: How I Optioned The Movie Rights to My Novel

By David Kilpatrick, davidlouiskilpatrick@hotmail.com

Since publishing my first novel a couple of years ago, I have found that there is seldom a magic promotional bullet that can propel your book into the public eye. In the world of book promotion, the name of the game is what I call "this begets that."

I just optioned the movie/TV rights to my second novel, Undercover White Trash. People have asked me what miraculous act of self-promotion I performed to get this book noticed by the Hollywood crowd, which is just one step short of the writer's Holy Grail: a full movie deal and the accompanying money and press that goes with it. My answer to these people is simple: This begets that.

First, I wrote the book. This sounds stupid, but this is a fact. I've met many who say, "You know, I've been working on this novel for ten years..." or "I really would like to write that novel that's been in my head..." The bottom line is that I made up my mind to do it, and I did it. I put the ink on paper. Period.

Second, I published it with 1stBooks and got it out there for the world to see. How many manuscripts are collecting dust in a drawer because their authors are afraid to let people see their work? Tens of thousands that will not see the light of day again, that's how many.

Next, and more specifically, I hocked my book wherever I could, in any way I could. This particular deal began when I contacted my local cable TV book review show and asked them to interview me. They said "sure" and I taped a couple of shows with them, one of them for Undercover White Trash. Somehow, an editor for Fort Worth, Texas magazine saw the show. The newspaper contacted 1stBooks and got a review copy. In their next issue, I had a little review and image of the book there, with a kudo for the local-boy-done-good. The TV shows and the magazine article were enough to have 1stBooks put my book on their site's home page under the Featured Authors section. A few months later, Tara Mark of Remarkable Films, an independent movie developer, was surfing the net, desperately seeking new comedy material to develop into a feature film. Bada-bing-ba-da-boom, she finds Undercover White Trash on the 1stBooks website. She buys a copy, loves it, and emails me. And the rest is history.

This begets that.

What will happen to my novel now? Will it sell to Hollywood for a million bucks? Or will it fade into obscurity like 99% of option deals? Will my new novel, L.A. Stalker, get picked up, too? I don't know. Only time will tell. If it sells it sells, if it doesn't, it doesn't. But one thing is for sure; I wouldn't have come this far if I had not gotten up from the couch and done something.

David Kilpatrick has four novels with 1stBooks. The movie rights to Undercover White Trash have been optioned, and it also won a Silver Award in the ForeWord magazine book of the year contest. His sci-fi novel Cuqui was a finalist in the IPPY Awards and in the ForeWord magazine (yes, again) awards this year. These and his latest novel, L.A. Stalker can be seen on his website at http://www.davidkilpatrick.com.

Success Profile: Kristine Drake Gets on a Fox Morning TV Show and In Her Local Papers

"The Housewives Embezzlement Guide and I were on Fox 2 news Detroit, 8:25 a.m. Monday morning, June 16, with Lucy Nolan. I have also been interviewed by two local (Michigan) papers (Livingston Press and Ann Arbor News) so far, and have yet to do even a radio interview. Needless to say I am bouncing off the walls and pacing the rug from beneath my feet!"

Preview Kristine's book at http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/13999.

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News From the Publishing World

Talk Show Seeks Authors
We just received an announcement that Book Talk Radio (WTKL AM) is seeking authors to interview on a new talk radio show called Book Talk. Those interested should email Steve Hudson at Radio RadioTalkers@aol.com?subject=BookTalkGuestAvailable and submit author bio, synopsis or table of contents, plus contact information.

Places to Enter Your Book

ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards
Deadline: January 15, 2004
Entry fee: $50
More details at https://www.forewordmagazine.com/photos/botya2003.pdf

Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards
Deadline: December 15, 2003
Entry fee: $100/1st entry; $50/additional entries
More details at https://www.writersdigest.com/contests/self_published.asp

Donard Publishing Short Story Competition
Deadline: June 20, 2003
Entry fee: None
More details at http://www.donardpublishing.com

National Outdoor Book Awards (for titles published between June 1, 2002 and August 28, 2003)
Deadline: August 28, 2003
Entry fee: $65
More details at http://www.isu.edu/outdoor/books/policy.htm

If You Need to Write...Then Write!

By Harvey Lee Rosenberg, harvey@makeyourlifeprecious.com

You love to write. Teachers, co-workers, friends have exclaimed you're a natural. Writing comes effortlessly to you. Perhaps you crave the attention of seeing your name in print. Maybe you desire to write for the pure pleasure and simple satisfaction of influencing, educating or inspiring others.

Whatever your motive, too often you find yourself sitting before your blank computer screen, numbly staring at it, wondering if you'll ever find the gumption and commitment to complete the many articles, books, scripts or stories laying dormant inside you. Writings are saddened that they may pass their entire lives deep inside your head rather than finding their way into people's hearts.

Are your writings doomed to the graveyard of unfulfilled dreams because you're unwilling to honor your creative gift? Are you not writing because you haven't admitted to yourself how important writing is to you? Can you bear the pain of not writing and still have self-respect and self-love?

Whatever your reasons for not writing, until you make writing a must, until you commit yourself to a regular writing schedule, until you make writing the high priority it deserves to be, the only stories you'll complete are the ones you tell yourself as to why you don't write. Most people who write consistently, whether for publication or just for fun, face the same hurdles, obstacles and roadblocks you must overcome. Most have experienced the fear of rejection. Every successful writer has told herself: "I just don't have time." "My writing is not nearly as good as..." "I haven't the foggiest idea what to do with my writing once it's written, so why bother?"

My favorite excuses were twofold: "Who's interested anyway in all the struggles and hardships I've overcome to make my life precious and successful?" and "Writing's not that important to me." Meanwhile my heart hurt, I denied the pain and wouldn't admit that I needed to write as much as I needed food for my soul and body. Each time I walked away from writing, no matter how rational and believable my excuses, my spirit cried in despair. I became much more volatile and emotional. When I accepted, at a deep level, that I needed to write and to get my writings out, my pains began to subside. When I wrote regularly, my spirits rose. As I committed myself to completing one of many eBook projects, joy coursed through my bloodstream. And when I shared stories with friends, they roared in laughter at the humor I hoped would be there.

Scores of excellent books can inspire you to write. Julia Cameron's The Right to Write and Artists Way are two favorites. Both encourage you to not make such a big deal of the writing process. However, the only advice you must remember about writing can be summed up in six words: write, write and write some more. Your heart will be happy, and if you die today, you'll be grateful you honored an important part of yourself through writing. Get writing!

Harvey Lee Rosenberg, M.A. is a Transformational Life Coach who inspires people to "make their lives precious through deepening self-love." He loves reading and writing and is completing a book tentatively called HeartMinders: Spiritual Guideposts to Deepening Self-Love. Sample chapters at http://www.makeyourlifeprecious.com/ToC-Poems-progra-MYLP.html

Seasonal and Topical

Father's Day
Title: ...By Reason of Childhood by Francis J. Connelly
Description: A father comes to terms with his relationship with his own alcoholic and often-absent father.

Title: A New Life by Pamela D. Light
Description: Graduating from junior high, Olivia is abruptly yanked from her community with only a week's notice (young adult).

Summer Vacation
Title: Buddy Check by Jenifer Brady
Description: A young adult novel about an eighteen-year-old counselor at summer camp.

Summer Vacation
Title: Tales From Tubblewood: A Duck For All Seasons by Pam Wilson
Description: Stories for children ages 7-11, about various holidays, starting with summer vacation.


Just wanted to say that the latest newsletter was spectacular! I particularly like the "Get more PR by doing more for the Media" and "Where writers hang out on the Web." I needed that info! Thanks!

Suzette Buhr
Dictionary Plus for Women

News From 1stBooks

Joe Vitale just became the first POD author in history to have two titles on the Amazon bestseller list at the same time. His newest, The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History, (http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/16732) achieved #3 across all genres, topped only by preorders for the newest Harry Potter and Hillary Clinton's memoir. His earlier work, Spiritual Marketing, (http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/5655) was the first ever POD book to achieve the #1 rank at Amazon (in 2002). Two weeks ago, it was on the bestseller list again at the #25 rank. Congrats Joe!

1stBooks authors included two IPPY finalists—Cuqui by David Kilpatrick and Not My Bowl of Rice by E.R. Escober (http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/13924)—and six ForeWord magazine's book of the year finalists:

Robert Ambos won 1st Place for Fiction in the 10th Annual Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards for his inspirational novel The Brief Sun (http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/9656).

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