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1. Publishing Your Book on the Internet
Could be the Most Important Step
You Take

The Internet is the fastest growing, most affluent and
most intellectually curious market in the World.

The Internet is no longer the domain of "computer wizards

-Best of All-
Internet Shoppers Buy Books

Consumer surveys indicate that Internet shoppers buy books more often than any other product except software!

2. How AMT Helps Millions of Potential Readers
Find Your Book!

The Internet represents the largest market in the world and most small
operations are simply never found.


AMT's 1stBooks Library is at the center
of an international shopping center which is easy to find!

Any time someone searches for any of these products,
our shopping center and the 1stBooks Library
will usually show up at the top of the list!

These are exactly the type of products
Internet shoppers are looking for!
This means that many many more customers will
find the 1stBooks Library than will find a
"stand alone" bookstore or publisher.

In this way, AMT is continually bringing in thousands
of new, intellectually curious and affluent customers
who are comfortable with computers.

-Best of All-
AMT Continually Assists Your Marketing Efforts
Internationally Advertising this Center
Offering Customers a Variety of Free Merchandise!

3. How AMT Will Help You
Start Earning Recognition and Income
From Your Work

-Best of All-
AMTís 1stBooks Library is open "everywhere in the world",
24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

4. How AMT Will Help You Convince a Traditional
Publisher to Publish Your Work

5. AMT Understands that Publishing is an
Extremely Competitive Business

  • You desire to produce and distribute quality products which your consumers want . . . Like other businesses, you must balance prior commitments and potential opportunities with limited resources

  • Publishing a book represents a significant financial commitment . . . This means it is often financially impossible for you to take a chance on a new author, even though you "know in your heart" that he or she has potential

  • Until now it has simply not been financially possible for you to test market large numbers of new manuscripts . . . The risk, of course, has been that you could lose a potential "superstar" to another publisher

AMT Makes it Easy and Inexpensive to
Test Market a New Book!
  • Through the 1stBooks Library you can internationally "test market" a new book for two years

  • You will have no production or distribution costs

  • AMT's customer tracking system will tell you how often readers are buying the book and where they are from

  • Through AMT's Book Review Lounge you can see what readers are saying about the book

  • You may also review the success of other books in the 1stBooks Library

By Placing a Book in the 1stBooks Library
You can Test Market a Book for Two Years
While You Maintain a Relationship With the Author

6. AMT Can Make Your Book Available to Millions
of Readers Around the World in 30 Days!

Here's All You Do
  • Make sure your book is the way you want it . . . You are the publisher and AMT will not edit your work

  • Copyright your book . . . If you need help, AMT can provide it

  • Write your own cover jacket . . . This is what potential readers will see. So you should make it as good as you can. (Be sure to include a brief biographical sketch)

  • Send your manuscript to 1stBooks . . . If you have questions regarding what format to use call AMT at 800 839-8640

  • Complete and return the 1stBooks license and maintenance agreement along with payment of the basic set-up fee . . . We will also send you a simple contact information form which will help us set up your records

  • You may utilize illustrations (including the Cover Jacket) . . . Since the illustrations must be digitized you must make arrangements with an illustrator acceptable to AMT. (Remember, AMT maintains a pool of illustrators for this purpose.)

7. What Does This Cost?

  • Initial Set-up Cost
    1. If manuscript is received on diskette . . . $199.00
    2. If manuscript is received as a paper document . . . $299.00 plus $.50 per page to be scanned
Note: Once 1,000 copies of your book have been sold an amount equal to the basic set-up change of $199 will be returned to you!

  • Monthly Maintenance
    1. $10.00 per month
  • Illustrations (Including Cover Jackets)
    1. Illustrations must be done in a manner agreeable to AMT. However, you must make your own arrangements (Remember, AMT maintains a pool of illustrators familiar with the technical requirements.)
  • You may cancel the agreement at any time and remove the book from the library
  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted

8. How to Contact Amt

Advanced Marketing Technologies, LLC.
Specialists in Online Marketing

Toll Free Number: (800) 839-8640

Telephone: (812) 863-7420

FAX: (812) 863-9135

Postal address: P.O. Box 501, Owensburg, IN 47453

Electronic mail 1stamt@iquest.net

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