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Available Soon:
The Shelling of Beverly Hills
by Martyn Burke
Author of Ivory Joe and screenwriter/director of
Pirates of Silicon Valley
Available Now!
More than 3,000 eBooks:
Riding the Bullet
by Stephen King
Download the bestselling e-book of all time!
Storm Warning
by Arthur Hansl
Author of A Call from L.A.,
published by St. Martin's Press
The New Madrid Run
by Michael Reisig

"... a page-turner that paints a graphic picture of ...
an ecological cataclysm of global proportions"
-- The Key West Citizen
The Snake in the Spin Cycle
and Other Tales of Family Life

by Sue Diaz

"She'll have you smiling for days!"
-- San Diego Family Magazine
The Secret of Fatima
by John VanBuskirk

"an action packed and thought provoking story
about the supernatural apparitions of Fatima, Portugal"
An Escape to Calpe
by Kenneth Larson

"....pure action/adventure,
but with feeling and sensuality."
Johnny in the Spot
by Ed Gallagher,

'Featured on the Howard Stern Show 3/31/00'
by Stanley Spain

"A whale of an adventure!"
-- St. Louis Post-Dispatch
formerly published by Macmillan
The Great Free Enterprise Gambit
by James Baar

formerly from Houghton Mifflin
If But One Wish
by Bonita Sallis

"Faith is the flashlight"
Brotherly Love
by Will J. Sims

Currently airing on
national network TV
Recapturing the Spirit of Enterprise
by George Gilder

formerly from Simon & Schuster
Behind Closed Doors:
Conflicts in Today's Church

by Bishop Francis A. Quinn
"fictional memoirs exploring the
turmoil convulsing the Church"
Unlocking the Healing Power
of Catholic Annulment

by Dennis and Kay Flowers
"a realistic, practical guide to a healing process"
When Bathing is Not Enough
by Alice Mata

"a touching story about one
woman's battle with TMAU"
Human-itis B
by Robert Fussell

"Explore the earth's future as we destroy its assets"
The Remnant
by Linda Bowles

illustrated by Johnny Hart,
creator of BC and Wizard of Id
Hearing the Noise:
My Life in the NFL

by Preston Pearson

Star running back for the
Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers
Year of the Rat
by Edward Timperlake and
William C. Triplett II

New York Times #17 best seller
from Regnery Publishing
Letters to the Next President
by Sen. Richard G. Lugar

formerly from Simon & Schuster
by E.E. 'Doc' Smith

Book I of the classic Lensman Series
Hog Heaven
by Otis Carney

best selling author of
When the Bough Breaks
and New Lease on Life
Sanity Rising: Unnecessary Evil
by John F Nienstedt

A myth-shattering experience!
A Rocky Life:
The Story of Sylvester Stallone

by Frank Sanello

author of Eddie Murphy:
The Life & Times of a Comic on the Edge
The Trespasser
by Charles Higham

author of eight best sellers, including
Errol Flynn: the Untold Story
101 Ways to Get Out of Jury Duty
by Phil Tag and Al Caz

comedy writers for
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Diplomatic Immunity
by Howard Olsen

featured in Time Magazine,
8/2/99 issue
More than 3,000 other eBooks!
including hundreds of free classics

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